Collection: Shipping Policy

Processing and shipping times :

 We ship from the city of Gatineau in the Quebec region.

 1-3 business days after the order is placed, we ship it and email the order tracking information.

Most items are normally delivered within 3-9 business days of order confirmation. (however, this depends on the location in Canada, how remote it is, and the time of day the order is placed).

Delivery days are working days (Monday to Friday).

Returns and Shipping :

As also stated in our Refund Policy, customers are responsible for shipping costs for returns (unless Artist Shop has approved payment of return shipping costs – in some rare cases).

Lost shipment :

Artist Shop is not responsible for items lost in shipping. Where possible, we provide tracking information to mitigate the risks associated with lost items.

Delivery delay :

We do not guarantee any delivery times and are not responsible for delivery delays. Most items are normally delivered within 2-8 business days of order confirmation. (however, this depends on the location and time the order is placed - we ship from the city of Gatineau in Quebec.

Accuracy of information :

Customer is responsible for any fees or penalties resulting from incorrect address information submitted by Customer.

 The order package is unclaimed, rejected or sent to the wrong address :

Please note that unclaimed order packages, order packages sent to the wrong address, or undeliverable order packages due to error or omission of information on the part of the customer will result in the package being returned to Artist Shop by the carrier. In such cases, the carrier will apply additional charges for return delivery to Artist Shop.

Additionally, in such cases, if the customer desires a cancellation and refund once the return is completed, a refund will be issued less a fee of between $30 and $80 (depending on location) to cover shipping costs round trip. Also keep in mind that canceled orders will also incur a 3% cancellation fee, as per our cancellation/return policy.

Finally, if the customer wants the package re-shipped to them again (to the correct delivery address), they will then have to pay an additional invoice between $10 and $35 (depending on location) to cover BOTH return shipping costs. additional charges which include the shipper's shipping costs AND sending the 2nd package to the customer.

 If it very cold where you are…

Please note that we are NOT responsible for frozen contents. As Canadians, we can all understand that our great country can get very cold at times, and we ask our customers to please take this into account when ordering products that may freeze after delivery.